[GIST] Busted! Nelson Cool Reveals his baby mama

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 Nigerian Artist and a Digital Promoter “Nelson cool” has decided to come out openly to post his Daughter “Olivia” and his baby mama “Blessing”

Nelson cool posted a baby picture on his WhatsApp status earlier today Tagging it  “REASON I SMILE”


This got The  attention of every one, you all Know the normal Nelson with innocent Face, no one could ever imagine him having a baby mama, Well I’m not surprise his best friend Lyta got a baby mama too lol birds of this same feather.

But truth to be told don’t you think, this could be a big distraction, you all know what happening between Lyta and his girlfriend anyway let see what the future holds for the young lad

Let take a look at the beautiful picture of his baby mama


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How cute do you think they are ?

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