[GIST] Full gist about the death of Mohbad/Imole


ALOBA popularly known as Mohbad/Imole
Hello tueh tueh, GLB NATION it’s with so much pain I am typing this, the reason is that this boy really fought hard, he tried so hard, he gave death a tough time but death won at last, Mohbad was one of the young street boys who rose to stardom from the street of ikorodu, you know those days of making a freestyle and boom it goes viral online, here are some of his throwback videos of his early life,one way or the other his video freestyle video went viral, he got noticed and got signed to a record label named Marlian music owned by a certain Peckham druglord named Azeez fashola( Naira Marley) alongside Imole, Azeez signed other young artist too and e turning was going on smoothly in the record label, little did they know that there is more to just being in the record label and singing songs alone, since the record label is owned by a druglord,



there are some certain sacrifices you need to do so as to stay relevant in the record label, first Is you are initiated into peddling of drugs, second is you will also take an oath of secrecy never to reveal things going on in the label, their boss who is now an ambassador to NDLEA trained them all and they were doing so well taking and peddling the drugs, then it got to level of secrecy oat and Mohbad refused, zino and some other artiste in the record label did all the necessary oat rites but Mohbad refused, they gave him time to have a rethink, during those time they sidelined him, the record label boss left him useless in the label but was promoting zino back to back, he even gave out one of his street sisters to zino make him Dey knack that one, that’s why you see zino dropping hits and looking like a rag, his life is under the control of the label and he has can’t even opt out, Mohbad started complaining that he needs promotion too that Naira can’t be promoting zino alone and leave him hanging, that’s the beginning of their fight, it was from one argument to another, he got worse that they go physical most time and Naira hates to be challenged so bad but Mohbad was always the only one challenging him in that label, aside his record label boys.



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