[GIST] How I Became A Gospel Artiste From Muslim Background – Yetunde Obanla

August 18th, 2023
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Yetunde Obanla a gospel artiste , bundle of talent, Minister of God for over two(2) decades, Graduate of History & International Relations from Lagos State University, hail from Ogun State Nigeria


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Can you tell us about your journey as a budding Nigerian Gospel artiste? What inspired you to pursue a career in gospel music?


Answer: My love for God and a revelation showed to me even when I was still a Muslim made me pursue a career in music. I never planned to be one because what I studied in University is totally different from what I’m doing right now. But one thing I know about God is what he wants to do, he will do it regardless of what or who you are.Like I said, my love for God made me to be passionate about music.


What sets you apart from other gospel artistes in Nigeria? How do you distinguish yourself through your music and message?

Answer: Yetunde Obanla is a vertsatile Gospel Minister. I don’t see where I can’t Minister regardless the language because I don’t only sing in Yoruba… I try my best to sing in other languages too and that sets me aside from any artiste.


As a gospel artiste, what impact do you hope to make through your music? What message or emotions do you aim to convey to your audience?

Answer: Gospel music is not a jamboree and if you call yourself a Minister of the gospel through music, it must show in your music. That been said, my music is purely Gospel and I try as much as possible to propagate the gospel of Jesus Christ through the music I release online…i have songs online as proof..

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Can you share any memorable experiences or testimonies from your journey as a gospel artiste? How have these moments impacted you personally and artistically?


Answer: In my journey as a music Minister several experiences and testimonies are much but there is a particular one that thought me a great lesson, that is be kind and humble to everyone you meet even if they happen to be your junior colleagues. Because I’ve had someone very young to me recommend me for a program I never expected to be invited to.It happens as a result of how we treat people even younger to us…This has impacted me in a positive way and I pray for grace to stay humble.

Listen to her latest song below:

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