March 4th, 2022
Lordfizze biography



Precious Azoribe. popularly known as Lordfizze is a Nigerian singer and songwriter. He was born on the 5th of February 1996. He is currently signed to I.B.M, an indispensable and independent record label; it was founded by LORDFIZZE. Lordfizze first single Oyi’m was released in late 2019.  He won artist of the year and his song was nominated for Song of the Year category for his song “pota’tomato” at the Top Naina Awards.

Lordfizze biography

Real name: Precious Azoribe.
Date of birth 12th of January 1996
Country of Origin Federal Republic of Nigeria
Source of Wealth Music Contract and Endorsement
Net worth 10 million Naira
Lordfizze spent his early life in Abia State and was a devoted member of his local church choir. His interest in music developed while he was studying at Abia State University. His breakthrough single “pota’tomato” first appeared on I.B.M Family in the year 2020, before being re-released officially on 25 March 2020.

Lordfizze biography

On the 14th of June 2019, Lordfizze released another romantic hot single titled “Oyi’m”. It was produced by Ucen Magic, who did an amazing job on the song. On the 1st of August 2019, Lordfizze released the single “Redail”; in the song, he declares his worth to his love interest.

Lordfizze biography

Lordfizze released another hit Selfie November 2020. It was initially scheduled for release on 25 November. The single is a mixture of R&B that combines with love and social issues. it was well received and got over 2 million streams on Spotify within 9 days after its release. It received a lot of positive reviews from fans and bloggers but was criticized for being labeled an “Afro-Life” record instead of an R&B single.


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