[GIST] SNR. Prophet Jeremiah omoto fufeyin gifted another Nollywood actor 8 million naira cash

November 29th, 2021
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Nollywood actor, Ohameze in tears after being assisted N8m by Warri-based Billionaire Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin Reportedly, Ohameze, a veteran actor, known for his many roles in Nollywood movies have been confined to sick bed for almost two years. The actor was involved in an accident, which had damaged his lower and upper limbs. Ohameze had taken to the internet to solicit for help. In a video on YouTube posted by the church, the veteran actor was assisted into the church limping with the help of two men. Fufeyin, who is the founder and senior prophet of Christ Mercy Land Church located in Warri Delta State, had in the Sunday service yesterday called out the ailing actor providing him with a Bible and N8 million. While the actor was seeing crying uncontrollably after receiving the fund, Fufeyin said: “When I look at the situation of the man I was weeping inwardly. People said he needs prayer. We all need to pray for him.” Fufeyin stated that he first saw the man on the internet requesting for prayer over his predicament before he was informed that the actor had come to his church for assistance. “I know he was a strong man,” Fufeyin said while stressing that Ohameze needed help and support. The veteran actor had told the church that series of scans were done on him after the accident with medical treatments. Although he had returned to normal activities after a series of medications, sadly the situation later returned and started deteriorating rendering him incapacitated. Weeping profusely, Ohameze said the doctor had told him surgery remained the only leeway after series of further tests. But that he had been praying, promising to return to the doctor after a scary picture of the surgery process was painted to him. “My doctor kept calling. He said the more I stay, the worst the situation. So I have no choice than to make up my mind to go for the surgery. So I called that I was ready and they booked me for first week of December. I recorded the video asking for prayers because I know there’s nothing God can not do. Let the church pray for me,” Ohameze said. In response, Fufeyin did not only pray for him alongside with his congratulations but supported the actor with N8 million and a Bible. YouTube Video:


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