[GIST] Wizkid Blasts Tinubu And Atiku Over 2023 Election As He Defends Nigerians (Watch Video)

wiz 2

wiz 2

Wizkid Blasts Tinubu And Atiku Over 2023 Election

Nigerian megastar, Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, popularly known as Wizkid has stated the reason why he doesn’t support any candidate during an election be it Atiku or Tinubu.

In a trending interview, Wizkid stated that he doesn’t believe in any candidates and that’s why he doesn’t try to influence his fans’ votes.

He further said, the people of Nigeria need answers and can’t step aside again.

Watch the video below:-

The Nigeria 2023 election is fast approaching and politicians have started making promises again.

Are we going to vote right this time? Are we going to vote for someone that can speak to his people this time as Wizkid said?

Any mistake will take another 4 to 8 years to amend, now add that to your present age.

Vote wisely!!!


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