[MUSIC] Saratu Hamidu Somaila has uncovered lots of profitable things about PMC which every youth must not miss out in 2021 in this new video


In the New video released days ago, we found out that the founder of Prod Mind’s Concept (PMC), Saratu Hamidu Somaila has explained some profitable things about PMC, which every youth must not miss out in this 2021.

We found people testify about it, the lunching that took place some weeks ago, and the main purpose for the organization.

Watch & Enjoy ~ The Video Below:

Prod Minds Concept is a platform aimed at minimizing the rate of joblessness among the youths through career, skills development and provision of deployable opportunities to maintain standard living.

In the video, the founder spoke to the interviewer below:


Years ago; I miss out on a very important event because I did not know about it until it was over. The event would have served as a golden opportunity needed at that time for me to touch the stars but I missed it and I must not let anybody go through the same thing. I know how it feels like when you missed an opportunity, when you wished time could be reversed, when you feel like there will not be another opportunity for you again. I have experienced it all and that is why I take this time to tell you about Prod Mind’s Concept as it has benefiting things you must not miss.

As a youth that you are, I know I am not wrong to say that you need these three things which Prod Mind’s Concept has to offer.

These things are:
• Step-by-step career guide.
• Unlimited income.
• Business loans.


All of the motivation came from the issue of unemployment faced by youths today and it all begun some years ago when I saw a post on Facebook that the federal govt. of Nigeria was recruiting graduates into a programmed called N-Power in order to reduce the rate of youth’s unemployment across the nation. To be honest, that was when I got to know that there is a socio-economic issue in my country like unemployment but the important thing here was that ever since, I had been looking into the issue in order to come up with an intentional action for you to take so that unemployment cannot stand in your way.

I remember back then, I only researched whenever I got the time but reasons like the ASU’s strike and corona’s lockdown pushed me to speedup this project. A lot of things are going wrong and I know that I must do something to prevent you from losing your path along with it. Therefore, this platform was launched at this time so that you can successfully make your way to your dreams amidst all that is happening.

I was shocked during my research because the issue is not just in my country but all over the globe and millions are affected by it. What pained me during my research was that I kept seeing posts at different sites saying that youths are unemployable that is why they are unemployed. Although advices and suggestions were given in those posts, they are either vague or complex. For that reason, I became more interested in looking for a way to organize something, something that you can do so that no one can call you unemployable. Something that would bring you out of the shadows of people’s mercies. An action that you can take so that no one would think that he did a favor by offering you a job.


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