[NEWS] Buhari Will Kill All Of Us – Nigerians React To Hike In Electricity Tariff

January 5th, 2021

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Nigerians on social media have condemned President Muhammadu Buhari-led government over another hike in electricity tariff.

The Nigeria Electricity Regulation Commission (NERC) on Tuesday announced a new electricity tariff hike of 50%.

The new tariff regime is expected to take effect from the 1st of January and to be complied with by customers of the 11 electricity Distribution Companies.

According to NERC, the 14.9% inflation rate rise in November 2020, foreign exchange of N379.4/$1 as of December 29, 2020, available generation capacity, US inflation rate of 1.22% and the Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) of the power firms resulted in the new tariff.

It would be recalled that the last tariff hike by the government almost led to the shutdown of the country by the Nigerian Labour Congress and Trade Union Congress.

The recent development has stirred reactions from Nigerians who criticised Buhari’s government and accused it of being insensitive to the plight of Nigerians especially at a time when the country’s economy is not stable.

Some called for a reversal of the hike, adding that Nigerians were already suffering due to the pandemic.

Here are some comments from Twitter


“Every other country in the world is trying to mitigate the global economic situation but Nigeria is throwing more and more burden on her citizens. Now, in the space of 6 months, they have increased the electricity tariff twice. Buhari would kill us all.”


“This Buhari government is out to kill us oo. So after a 50% increase in electricity tariff from 1st Jan, 2021, we should be expecting another round of power tariff increase in July 2021. the intent of the govt now to the people is becoming murderous. How do we survive?

@Ibu Thomas

“Dear President Buhari, today’s increase in electricity tariff barely 3 months after the last increment, in addition to the hike in fuel and other commodities is a clear testament of your administration’s disdain & hatred for Nigerians. It’s the height of insensitivity and wickedness.”


“1:30am on Jan 1st, my phone chimed. Woke up to check, it was a credit alert from the Govt of the country I live in – COVID stimuli. Jan 5th and I’m just reading Buhari’s FG is increasing electricity tariff by a whole 50%. Still no jobs. Still no stimulus. No palliatives.”


“Dear President Buhari. Don’t you get tired of punishing Nigerians? Electricity tariff increment is the height of your insensitivity to the plight of average Nigerians. ”


“I was complaining to Jos Disco last week that what I used to pay for less had more Electricity Units than the increased Tariff. Now Buhari & NERC have increased it again. Only God can rescue us from this Man and his Cohorts. No stimulus package! NOTHING.”


“New Electricity tariff hike, VAT increase, Petrol price increase, Snowballing inflation rate, Skyrocketing Unemployment rate and then, there is a recession. All from the stables of President Buhari, the clueless and incompetent one.”


“They never increased the quality of power supply and only increased tariffs. Nigerians should go back to the olden days and use lanterns and bush lanterns. I know most of our people generate their own electricity with their generators. Buhari is a broken government, senseless and directionless.”


“What sin did Nigeria commit against this present government? How do Buhari and his cabinet expect the poor Nigeria citizen to pay this hike in electricity? People barely feed three times a day and keep on increasing electricity tariff. Buhari resign.”


“Federal government hikes electricity tariff by 50%. I think, seeing Nigerians suffering gives Buhari and APC erection.”


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